Guild Wars is a massive multiplayer online fantasy game
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Guild Wars is a massive multiplayer online fantasy game. Unlike other MMORPG games, it doesn't have a subscription fee, once you buy it you can play it for as long as you like without further costs. It has two gameplay modes, the cooperative role playing mode and the PvP mode.

The character creation is not very diversified, but you get enough options to create somewhat of an original character. You can also choose between many professions which all have different abilities and skills. There is also a significant change in gameplay based on what profession you choose.

Like in most other mmo games, the cooperative role playing mode involves a lot of synchronized combats against a much stronger enemy mobs. This area of the game is not that well designed because the game overall is focused on Player vs. player combat. The storyline is simple and not very diverse. You are a hero in the fictional world of Tyria and you have to save it from its foes.

The really strong point of this game is its PvP (Player vs. Player) . Unlike other mmo's , in Guild Wars you can create a max level character right from the start if you want to play in the PvP mode. You also get to choose the best equipment you think will help you in completing the tasks.

In the combat team every member has a certain role, and must synchronize very well with others in order to defeat the enemies. Another great thing about Guild Wars is that ArenaNet hosts official tournaments where you can sign up and have the chance to win real cash prizes.

The graphics and gameplay mechanics are pretty good. The skills and combat animation are also very clean and simple, which is important for a PvP game because you don't want to have the screen filled up with so many huge colorful animations you that can't distinguish anything.

Overall, I can say Guild Wars is not a conventional MMO but it allows players a great amount of freedom in the PvP mode and it is also a good experience in the story mode.

Dennis Niels
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